Stevie Van Zandt Backs Up Bruce Springsteen After Live Show Criticism

The E Street Band member Stevie Van Zandt recently fumed over a Twitter user who questioned why Bruce Springsteen played fewer songs on his current shows. The guitarist backed up Springsteen by saying that real fans should just enjoy that special experience rather than care about the number of songs played.

Springsteen’s 2023 tour with the E Street Band kicked off on February 1 in Tampa and is scheduled to conclude on December 10 in San Francisco. After touring the United States till mid-April, the singer will head through Europe and perform shows in different cities until the end of July. Springsteen will complete his tour with his final North American shows.

Van Zandt missed the Dallas concert on February 10 as he was diagnosed with COVID-19. After returning to the shows, the guitarist is curious about the audience’s reaction to their comeback after six years of absence from touring. Recently, a Twitter user shared photos of their son who went to see Springsteen and the E Street Band for the first time. Upon seeing the post, Van Zandt asked what he had thought about their performance.

Another fan commented on the guitarist’s words by questioning why Springsteen played 26 songs rather than 28, as he did at the beginning of the tour. Van Zandt quickly jumped on to back up his friend by saying that it was ridiculous of him to evaluate their concerts by the number of songs they played. According to the musician, a real fan should just enjoy the night by focusing on the band’s intimate relationship with the audience.

The user’s words on Van Zandt’s comment to another user:

“He’s thinking, why has Bruce only been playing 26 songs when he started the tour playing 28?”

The guitarist replied:

“Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he’s thinking only a**holes pretending to be fans evaluate a show by the number of songs that get played or the time spent on stage. Real fans enjoy the intimate exchange of energy they and the band experience that is unique to the night they are there.”

So, it seems like Stevie Van Zandt is concentrated on performing good-quality shows rather than counting the number of songs they play on stage. He gave his full support to Springsteen in this, as he knows that they try to give their best during the live shows to deliver a unique experience to the audience who come to see them.