David Crosby Responds To The Fans’ Request About A Protest Song

CSNY icon David Crosby recently shared a post to answer one of his fans’ demands for writing a new song criticizing the country’s and world’s ongoing problems on his official Twitter account. Crosby’s response tells many things about the mind of an artist and their songwriting process.

Some artists choose to reflect their problems, pains, and sufferings both in their lives and worldwide in the works, while others want to escape from them. Surprisingly, both sides have received criticism and are stuck between being a protest, a rebel, or a person who focused on art itself. However, many people already chose their paths without thinking about backlash and other responses.

Thus, Crosby can be considered an activist and a person who can reflect his ideas boldly, especially about politics and politicians. The musician always stood beside the victims of war, injustice, and poverty as a part of thinking that he owed it to the people supporting him throughout his career. Also, in one of the interviews that he joined, the musicians harshly criticized former President Donald Trump, saying that he’s an ‘evil bastard.’

However, it’s not enough for his fans after a follower called out Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Crosby himself for not creating protest songs. The user wanted them to become the voices of people suffering worldwide because of war, ignorance, and selfishness of others, along with Trump and the 2021 United States Capitol attack. Crosby shared his ideas by stating that the songs cannot be written on demand and an artist has to find inspiration for that.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“Neil Young, Bob Dylan, David Crosby. Where are you guys? Write a song about January 6, Trump, war and ignorance, and selfishness?”

Crosby responded:

“I’m sure all of us are trying, but they don’t come on demand. Songs, you have to wait for sometimes. They come when they’re ready, not before.

You can read the tweets below.