Stevie Nicks Reflects On The Song Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Their Breakup

Stevie Nicks recently talked about her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham in an interview with People magazine and recalled the songs they wrote for each other after their breakup. The dramatic relationship had even a more dramatic ending, and the duo had to focus on being professional to remain in the band together.

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were high school sweethearts when they got the opportunity to join Fleetwood Mac as a couple. When they joined Fleetwood Mac together in 1974, their relationship was already beginning to come to an end. However, the couple remained together not to risk the band’s career in the early years of joining. The more they stayed together when they shouldn’t have, the more it made the break up dramatic.

After their break up in 1977, the couple used their resentment towards each other to fuel up their songs. They both created such songs that made the band gain commercial popularity, and their break-up enhanced their careers in a way. The songs generally targeted each other, but there are two specific songs written towards one another. Buckingham’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ was a clear reply to Nicks’ ‘Dreams.’

Nicks recently talked about their relationship and the two songs about her relationship in a recent interview. She explained how it was a reply to her song and stated that while Lindsey’s song is a harsher depiction of their break up, hers was about being more optimistic and not angry. She pointed out his aggressive manners in the lyrics of ‘Go Your Own Way’ and compared them to her lines in ‘Dreams.’

Here is what Nicks said about the two songs:

“I can just go right back to what pushed me toward writing those words. And I always laugh because Lindsey’s ‘Go Your Own Way’ and my ‘Dreams’ are like, counter songs to each other. I’m like, ‘When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know,’ and he’s like, ‘Packing up, shacking up’s all you want to do.’

Both songs kind of mean the same thing — it’s really about our breakup. He’s looking at it from a very unpleasant, angry way, and I’m saying, in my more airy-fairy way, we’re gonna be all right. We’ll get through this.”

Even after 45 years have passed since their break up, the ex-couple still seem to have something against each other. In 2018, Nicks gave an ultimatum to Fleetwood Mac that if Lindsey isn’t gone from the band, she will quit because she doesn’t want to be on the same stage with him anymore. Hence, the band fired Buckingham, making Nicks’ wishes come true, but Mick Fleetwood is still not happy about their tremulous relationship.