Diddy Reveals The Price He Pays For Sampling Sting

In the world of music, sampling is commonplace, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. In a recent tweet, Diddy opened up about the ongoing cost of using Sting‘s song in his iconic tribute to Biggie Smalls. Prepare to be astounded by the daily figure Diddy pays for this musical homage.

Back in 1997, Diddy released ‘I’ll Be Missing You‘ as a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Biggie Smalls. Little did he know, this song would not only spend 11 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 but also earn the prestigious Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 40th Annual Grammy Awards. However, the track’s success didn’t come without controversy. Diddy had sampled Sting’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ without prior permission, leading to some pretty expensive consequences.

Responding to a tweet that claimed he pays $2,000 per day to Sting for the unauthorized sample, Diddy chimed in to set the record straight. The hip-hop mogul, now 53, revealed that he actually forks over a whopping $5,000 daily in royalties to the former frontman of the Police. Talk about a costly sample!

Diddy’s tweet not only corrected the amount he pays, but it also demonstrated the camaraderie he shares with Sting today. The music icon made sure to refer to Sting as his ‘brother,’ emphasizing the strong bond that has developed between the two artists since the song’s release. It seems the sampling snafu has only served to strengthen their friendship over time.

Initial tweet about the topic:

“Diddy reportedly pays $2,000 a day to the artist Sting for sampling his hit song ‘I’ll be Missing You’ dedicated to rapper Biggie Smalls without permission, ‘We are very good friends now.'”

The rapper’s response:

“Nope. 5K a day. Love to my brother, Sting.”

His revelation about the price he pays for sampling Sting’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ is a testament to the high cost of music creation, especially when it involves borrowing from another artist’s work. It’s also a reminder that even in the face of a financial burden, friendships can flourish, and mutual respect can grow. As fans of both artists, we can only hope that their bond continues to thrive and inspire future collaborations.