KISS Icon Eric Carr’s Sad Common Point With Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury became one of the most famous singers in rock music history with his unique vocal talent and extraordinary style shortly after founding Queen with guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in 1970. The band released countless hit records and singles, contributing to their commercial success and international recognition.

Almost a decade after Mercury’s rising popularity and fame, another musician named Eric Carr joined a legendary band which would be a turning point in his career and life. After the band’s original drummer Peter Criss began having problems with the band members, Carr became a KISS member. However, their fame wasn’t their only common point; the two musicians’ paths crossed tragically, and the Queen frontman overshadowed the devastating news about Carr.

Eric Carr And Freddie Mercury Died On The Same Day

Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987, and even though the press wanted to learn and share every detail about his life and partners, the musician tried to keep everything private. Mercury couldn’t leave his home because of the side effects of the illness, and he refused medication to hasten his death. Also, his former partner and lifelong friend Mary Austin often visited Mercury to support him during these challenging times.

Unfortunately, along with the iconic Queen singer, Carr started feeling ill and sought medical help to find out what was wrong with him in early 1991. Shortly after, he found out that he had heart cancer and underwent multiple surgeries to remove tumors in his right atrium and lungs to prevent any possible heart problems. The KISS drummer’s health worsened, and he couldn’t fight this deadly disease anymore.

Both Mercury and Carr went through challenging times and passed away on November 24, 1991, due to different health issues, which were very tragic that led to their early deaths. This news made their families, friends, bandmates, and fans devastated, and they shared their condolences by reflecting their love and respect for them. On that day, the rock music stage lost two irreplaceable musicians who became inspiring figures for the young generation.

However, there’s no doubt that the world focused on Mercury’s death more because Carr was newer in the music industry. He stayed under Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons’ shadows in terms of popularity. Therefore, the Queen frontman’s passing was in almost every new headline, while Carr’s death didn’t take place on them as much as Mercury did. This lack of popularity didn’t mean Carr was forgotten since the KISS fans would always remember the late drummer.