Stevie Nicks Admits She’s Been Pretending Christine McVie Is Alive

Stevie Nicks recently paid tribute to her Fleetwood Mac bandmate and longtime friend, Christine McVie, while performing ‘Landslide’ on stage in Los Angeles, admitting that she still pretended McVie was still here.

Losing a bandmate is always challenging, but there is no doubt that Christine was beyond a simple bandmate for Stevie. The pair had grown very close since Nicks’s early days in Fleetwood Mac, clicking with one another quickly. McVie also had always been there whenever the singer needed her to be, especially when ex-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham caused some trouble.

So, Christine’s loss undoubtedly devastated the rocker, and she wanted to pay homage to her late friend while taking the stage at Sofi Stadium. A picture of McVie and Nicks appeared on stage as Stevie started singing the opening lines of the iconic ‘Landslide,’ tearfully performing throughout the show.

At the song’s end, the singer took a deep breath, with eyes still filled with tears, uttering how tough it had been to deal with Christine’s loss, quietly admitting that she coped with her friend’s passing by pretending that she was still here. The crowd then erupted in applause, paying their respects to McVie.

Stevie’s words on pretending that Christine was still here at the end of ‘Landslide’:

“There’s really not much to say. So, we just pretend that she’s still here… that’s how I’m trying to deal with it. Thank you for listening.”

It’s evident that it hadn’t been easy for Nicks to accept that her friend was gone, as she sadly accepted that she coped with McVie’s loss by pretending she was still there. This only shows how much Christine meant to Stevie, how close they were, and how much the frontwoman valued their friendship.