Steven Tyler’s Mental Health Issue That Almost Cost Him His Life

The music industry, especially the rock n’ roll scene, is infamous for artists losing sight of their goals and getting off the rails after tasting fame and fortune. While drugs and alcohol often accompany these kinds of situations, sometimes they escalate into mental health disorders. This can be in the form of panic attacks, depression, and anxiety, but in Steven Tyler’s case, it was kleptomania.

Tyler, like many before, has experienced very low points alongside many highs in his career with Aerosmith. Also called the ‘Spider,’ he became known for his heavy substance addiction, where he would crawl on the floor searching for cocaine that might have fallen down. His addiction had seriously impacted his physical and mental health, but also Aerosmith’s shows, as he collapsed on stage on one occasion.

While the lead singer is an artist who has been associated with substance abuse with multiple sobriety attempts after staying in rehab facilities, many are not aware of the kleptomaniac side, which was prevalent at one point in his life. Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry shared personal details about Tyler’s tendencies due to his kleptomania in his 2014 memoir, ‘Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith.’

One-half of the Toxic Twins wrote in his memoir that Steven had an inclination for kleptomania in the band’s old days. Once, it got to the point where they lost a gig because he had lifted a slide projector. On a separate occasion, armed people accused Tyler of swiping $2,000 from a suitcase. The incident took a serious turn when they threatened Tyler, but with the help of their close friend Gary Cabozzi, almost like an out-of-a-movie scene where he stormed in with a sword to threaten them right back, the band resolved the conflict.

Even though they survived that incident that day, Gary Cabozzi, twenty years learned that it was, in fact, Tyler who had taken the money. The rocker was at fault on that day; however, with their friend’s help, they prevailed, and Steven Tyler didn’t have to own up to what he did.

There were probably many other instances where Tyler couldn’t repeatedly fight the urge to resist stealing items that he usually didn’t need. Just like the substance addiction that had caused the band and Tyler to suffer in the eyes of fans and not be able to perform at their best, his kleptomania was another matter that put Aerosmith in a difficult situation.

That side of him also caused Aerosmith to lose shows and impacted their brand in the eyes of fans and critics despite their long-running careers. However, just as he rose back up after rehab and his struggle with substance addiction, the rocker also seems to have overcome his kleptomania.