Steven Tyler Daughter Says We Should Celebrate Death Days


Steven Tyler‘s daughter Mia Tyler has expressed her feelings about her mother’s death anniversary in a recent Instagram post. Along with that, she also revealed the reason why one should celebrate death days alongside birthdays.

Mia Tyler is the daughter of Steven Tyler and Cyrinda Foxe. Foxe was an actress, model, and publicist, and she was best known for her role in the 1977 comedy film ‘Andy Warhol’s Bad.’ Back in 1977, Cyrinda was married to the New York Dolls’ lead singer David Johansen. It was at those times when she met the Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler.

Less than a year after that, the actress left Johansen for Tyler. The couple then got married and had a daughter named Mia. However, their marriage was quite tumultuous due to extramarital affairs, drug addiction, and emotional and physical abuse. As a result, Foxe and Tyler divorced in 1987, and she raised Mia by herself.

In the year 2001, the beautiful actress had a mild stroke. At those times, she was so poor that she had no apartment or a place to live. So, Steven Tyler paid her hospital bills and donated his Aerosmith guitar to the benefit for $5000. In addition, the singer also paid for a room for Foxe at a hotel. Sadly, the following year, Foxe died from a brain tumor on September 7 at the age of 50.

Yesterday was Cyrinda Foxe’s death anniversary. Mia posted a photo of her mother on Instagram to ‘celebrate her death day‘ and expressed her feelings about her. In the post, Mia said that it is crucial to celebrate death days just like we do birthdays as it helps the healing process. She then said she sees her mother’s face in her son’s, and she is just now starting to feel alright after 19 years.

Mia Tyler’s Instagram post read:

“You were almost too cool for this world. I think it’s important to celebrate death days as much as we do birthdays. Helps with the healing process. Because after all we are just born and then we die. It’s how we choose to live in between those spots that makes it worth celebrating or not.

I sometimes see her face in my son’s and that’s really the best gift. It’s been 19 years and it’s just now, starting to feel ok. Sending all my love to her up above and to all those who have lost a loved one. Cyrinda Foxe, 02.22.52-09.07.02.”

You can check out Foxe’s photo Mia posted on her Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram