Steve Vai Shares The Two Things That Attracted Him To Alice Cooper


Steve Vai recently joined BBC Radio 2’s Liz Barnes for an interview and revealed the two things that got him interested in Alice Cooper‘s music.

On July 2, 1991, Alice Cooper released his twelfth solo record titled ‘Hey Stoopid.’ Following his hit album ‘Trash,’ he tried to further his success with this follow-up album. ‘Hey Stoopid’ features guest performances from several other artists, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai. The iconic duo, Satriani and Vai, played together for the album’s song ‘Feed My Frankenstein.’

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 about the Godfather Of Shock Rock, who became famous for his theatrical and shocking performances, Steve Rai recently revealed two aspects of his music he admired the most. He stated that Cooper never dropped his stage character during shows.

Moreover, Vai said that Alice Cooper’s commitment to the show and his perfect sound got him attracted to Cooper. The guitarist then stated Cooper’s early records, such as ‘Ballad Of A Dwight Fry,’ ‘Love It To Death,’ and ‘Killer,’ were perfect arrangements with brilliant melodies.

During the conversation, Steve Vai said the following about Alice Cooper:

“I heard Alice before I heard Led Zeppelin. That just completely wailed me. I was so absolutely attracted to Alice’s music performance. It was the performance. The man never dropped character, he was Alice Cooper on stage, and there was theater involved.

The two things that I was so attracted to Alice was his commitment to the show and the absolutely perfect music involved in it. The melodies, the arrangements of the guitars, and these songs on those early records were perfect arrangements with brilliant melodies. It was arranged and theatrical.

If you listen to ‘Ballad Of A Dwight Fry,’ ‘Love It To Death,’ ‘Killer,’ or any of those early records, there was this theatrical theme, and you could hear it in the music. I love that.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview and Feed My Frankenstein below.