Steve Stevens Recalls The Special Request From Vince Neil


Guitarist Steve Stevens recalled the time when he was working with Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil for one of his solo albums and revealed what Neil wanted him to do as his guitarist during a recent appearance on I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo.

Steve Stevens has been pursuing a very successful musical career as a guitarist during which he had a chance to work with various legendary musicians such as Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, and many more. Stevens joined Neil’s solo band and became his first solo album’s lead guitarist after his controversial departure from Mötley Crüe.

After Vince Neil left or was allegedly fired from Mötley Crüe in 1992, he decided to focus on his solo career. Neil released his debut solo studio album entitled ‘Exposed’ on April 27, 1993. He collaborated with Stevens for the guitar parts on his album. The album received very positive reviews and his performance as a guitarist was appreciated by their fans a lot.

In a recent interview, Stevens unveiled an interesting request he received from Vince while they were working on the album which made him very happy and surprised at the same time. Unlike Billy Idol who wanted Steve to keep his guitar solos short, Neil demanded the longest and heaviest guitar solos that he could create and perform. Stevens described working with Neil as a great experience.

In Stevens’ words, he said:

“I mean the record was kind of funny for me. Because when I worked with Billy, these guitar solos we tried and made them economical, kept them to eight bars, it’s not really about the solo but if there is a solo it has to reflect what’s on there and we made the pop records, pop-rock. That’s our domain now.

When I was with Vince, I’d go okay ‘Okay, 16 bars for a solo.’ When we’re in the studio and he said ‘Oh man, make it twice as long 32 bars.’ I got to think about it. He goes ‘Make it longer.’ So it was a great experience because I was being asked to play as heavy as I could as I wanted to. We had a really good team to make that record.”

You can watch the interview below.