Paul Stanley Says Rock Concerts In Arenas And Stadiums Are A Ways Off


KISS guitarist and co-founder Paul Stanley spoke in a recent interview with Lamont & Tonelli and talked about the current situation of the music industry.

The coronavirus outbreak started last year, and most of the bands had to postpone their tours in 2021, hoping that the pandemic would be over. Unfortunately, things haven’t got better even though the vaccine is found at the start of the year.

After seeing that the situation is still pretty bad, Paul Stanley wanted to share his thoughts about the upcoming concerts and revealed the harsh truth about the future of these events.

While saying that it would be pretty optimistic to dream about the stadium and arena shows, he also relieved his followers by saying that they will continue the End Of The Road tour whenever things got better.

Here is what Paul Stanley said:

“Rock concerts on the scale that we do — in arenas and stadiums — are a ways off. Anybody who thinks that they’re going to be going to a big concert anytime soon, it’s wishful thinking. But, yeah, the ‘End Of The Road’ tour will pick up whenever it becomes safe and whenever the legal restrictions are lifted.”

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