Steve Perry Celebrates Journey’s Success, Neal Schon Responds With An Arnel Pineda Message

In a recent celebration of Journey’s hit, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ Steve Perry took to Instagram to express his gratitude. Neal Schon offered his response and addressed Arnel Pineda’s role in the band’s success.

The Recording Industry Association of America certified the song 18 times platinum. Forbes also named it the biggest song of all time. Perry wrote a message for the achievement:

“When this ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,’ ‘The Biggest Song of All Time’ article came out yesterday [3/19/24], I was so emotionally stunned. To be part of such a moment as this made me reflect on my parents. By that I mean, though I lost them both years ago, I was so happy for them because they are truly the reason this is happening. My dad was a singer, and both of them were very musical. So, on behalf of my Mom and Dad, I thank every one of you for so many years of support.”

Schon’s Reaction To Perry’s Post

Schon left a comment under Perry’s post, writing:

“That’s great, Steve. God Bless. I myself reflect on the great time we had writing this song. Respectfully, Neal Schon.”

The Guitarist Speaks On The Impact Of Arnel Pineda

Journey’s guitarist also took to X to share the achievement. He posted a screenshot of his comment to Perry and then talked about the significance of Arnel Pineda for the band. Schon wrote:

“I’d like to add that if anyone knew the amount of tenacity and strength it’s taken to keep this catalog alive by touring constantly with Journey as we are now selling out areas for the last three years and going into stadiums soon. I think all the members that have contributed to this band since day one, but nobody should dismiss the fact that have been running very, very successfully more so than ever – with Arnel Pineda. 17 years with us since I found his videos on YouTube. See you in New Mexico, friends.”

Schon also went on X a few days ago to share how happy he was that the song is now considered the biggest song ever. He also showed a message where he congratulated Perry. A fan wondered if Steve replied to Neal’s message. Schon answered that Perry didn’t respond but expressed being tired of people thinking he didn’t include Perry.

Below, you can see the photo Perry shared and Schon’s tweets.

Photo Credit: Steve Perry – Instagram