David Crosby Addresses Ed Sheeran And Bruno Mars’ Music

The Byrds’ David Crosby shared his thoughts about Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars via his official Twitter account.

Crosby has been quite active on social media for the last two years, especially during the self-quarantine days. During this period, he has been sharing his thoughts about the musicians and bands and revealing some unknown stories with various rockstars and celebrities.

Yesterday, the 80-year-old frontman was asked what he thinks about Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, and Crosby surprised his followers with his answer. At first, Crosby praised their talents by saying that they are both pretty good musicians.

As you may know, Bruno released his latest and third album back in 2016, named ’24K Magic,’ and Ed Sheeran is getting ready to release his new album ‘=’ and has already dropped some singles. However, it turns out that Crosby’s admiration doesn’t have its source in their music.

Later on, Crosby pointed out that even though they are great at what they are doing, neither Ed nor Bruno has managed to nail him with a single song yet. This means that Crosby likes their music but isn’t really impressed with their works.

One of the fans asked:

“Crazy question, but I’m wondering what you think of younger musicians like Bruno Mars and Ed Sheehan? I mean solely for the music?”

David Crosby shared his honest opinion:

“Both pretty good, but neither has nailed me with a song yet.”

You can check out the post below.