Bill Wyman On Having Regrets About The Rolling Stones

Being in a legendary band like the Rolling Stones might seem like a dream to many. However, that wasn’t the case for Bill Wyman, who decided to take a step back after three decades with the band. In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Wyman reflected on his career with Rolling Stones and the band members’ reaction to his decision while discussing whether he regrets not rejoining them.

“When I first left the Stones, it took a few months to rebuild that relationship with them,” said Wyman, implying his bandmates weren’t pleased with his decision to leave. “It was quite stressful, and they didn’t want me to leave. So they became b*tchy. Instead of being nice and saying, ‘Great thirty years. Cheers, mate,’ Mick would say the most absurd, stupid things with that spoilt attitude he had. He’d say, ‘Oh, well, if anybody has to play bass, I’ll do it. It can’t be that hard.’ And Keith said, ‘No one leaves this band unless they’re in a wooden box.'”

He continued, “Anyway, they left the door open for me for two years. Charlie and Mick would phone and say: ‘You’re not leaving, are you? Have you re-thought it?’ Then when it came time for them to do the’ 94/’95 tour, they had to make a final decision. Mick and Charlie came over and spent the evening with me, trying to talk me into staying. Have I had any regrets about not going back? None whatsoever.”

Bill Wyman rose to prominence as the bassist for the Rolling Stones. He worked with the Stones from the band’s formation in 1962 until 1993. Throughout that time, Wyman played bass, provided backing vocals on some songs, and wrote and sang the 1967 single, ‘In Another Land.’ The bassist pursued a solo career after leaving the Stones, and Darryl Jones replaced him in the band.

The bassist formed Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings and contributed to other artists’ projects, such as Faces and pianist Ben Waters. As it appears, Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger tried to convince him to stay until the last moment, but Wyman was determined to leave. It seems like the bassist made the right choice, as he has no regrets about not returning to the band.