Steve Morse Refused A Record Deal That Could Make Him A Millionaire Before Deep Purple

Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse recently revealed turning a record deal down that could have earned him millions of dollars.

In his conversation with Guitar Player, Morse gave tips on practicing and improving guitar playing skills. In one of the tips, where he talked about ‘being real’, Morse said:

“If you really believe in the music you’re playing, and you love the act of expressing it, it will go straight into the hearts of your audience. Now you’ve made a piece of art, and you’ve touched people. That’s what music is all about – a form of communication. To me, it’s the best in the world.”

The guitarist then mentioned the time he was offered to let all his ‘crazy instrumental’ go to make a significant amount of money:

“I adopted this philosophy years ago. I remember early in my career with the Dixie Dregs, our booking agent said, ‘If you stopped all this crazy instrumental stuff and hired a singer, I could make you big money.’ I thought about it and said, ‘No. This is what the band is. This is who we are.'”

This offer might have sounded perfect for other people, but Morse chose to stick to what he loved:

“We believed in what we were doing, and we loved doing it. We didn’t become rock stars, and we didn’t make millions of dollars, but we had our identity. We had something that was ours, and the people who loved our music stayed with us.”

Similarly to how the fans and the music come first for Morse, the same applies to the other band members regarding financial growth. Ian Gillan, in an earlier interview, talked about money, and in short, he said:

“I don’t think happiness comes with money.”

Although the band was not pleased with their album sales, they persisted in touring and creating a new album, and with that, they proved that making music is not only about making money.