Steve Morse On His First Music Project After Leaving Deep Purple

Deep Purple‘s longest-serving guitarist Steve Morse with 28 years under his belt, decided to permanently take a break from his tenure with the band after his wife Janine’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. The guitarist tweeted to announce that his first music project since his hiatus would be Joe Satriani‘s G4 experience, which will take place in Las Vegas.

Although Steve Morse’s departure from Deep Purple was supposed to be temporary after his wife’s cancer diagnosis, the singer decided permanently take a break to give all his attention to his wife. So, his announcement of a music project surprised fans. “Hey everybody Steve Morse here. I want to talk to you about Joe Satriani’s upcoming G4 experience first week of January in Las Vegas,” shared the guitarist to inform his fans that he will be back with his first music project after leaving Deep Purple.

He continued explaining what the G4 experience will include, “Basically, it’s like a teaching, immersion, meeting, jamming learning experience, and fun. I’ll be doing a masterclass of my own, another with Joe Satriani, and then a concert that evening. I’m your guy if you want to hear some long answers to simple questions. But seriously, we will talk about some simple things you can do to improve your guitar playing and some long-range stuff that will always improve your guitar playing, so hopefully, we will see you there.”

Deep Purple hired Simon McBride to fill his spot for the upcoming tour. Although the band initially asked Joe Satriani to replace him as he was the Deep Purple guitarist before Morse took over, the guitarist had to decline because he was working on his album. However, the two former guitarists of Deep Purple, Morse and Satriani, decided to collaborate on the G4 experience in the new year in Las Vegas.