Billy Sheehan Credits A David Lee Roth Album For Impacting His Career

The Winery Dogs are returning with a studio album, ‘III,’ set to release on February 3, 2023, after several years under the radar. Billy Sheehan has given insight into the band’s new album during an appearance on Sonic Perspectives. Besides, he also made a point to discuss some of the most important albums of his life, including David Lee Roth’s debut solo album, which made it into his favorites list and impacted his musical journey.

“I do agree,” Sheehan said, revealing that he agrees the third album is a mixture of the first and the second Winery Dogs albums. “I’ve heard Mike describe the record that way from the beginning, so I think you’re right in line with what our feeling about it is. Yeah, this one is kind of a combination of both, you know it’s nice on the second record to see how far we could step over the line and things like that and some cool things on that record that I love, but the first Winery Dogs record, is one of my favorite records ever.”

Besides the first Winery Dogs album, Roth’s solo album also made it into his list of favorite albums. The bassist added, “‘Eat ‘Em and Smile,’ ‘Lean into It,’ and the first Winery Dogs record they were important records in my life and career, and just the Winery Dogs record, the first one really meant a lot to me.”

Roth’s debut studio album came when he had said his goodbyes to Van Halen and embarked on a new venture. The album became a commercial success in no time; everyone under the sun was singing praises for what the musician had achieved. It seems that another fan was none other than Billy Sheehan, who played the bass parts and handled backing vocals on ‘Eat ‘Em and Smile.’ Can you blame him for putting it into his top picks, though? It’s one for the books!