Steve Lukather Says Eddie Van Halen Wanted ‘Really Weird Shit’ As He Recalls Their Collaboration

Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in a recent interview with Richard Bienstock and talked about his relationship with legendary late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

As you might remember, Eddie Van Halen fought lots of diseases and problems in his career such as tongue cancer and throat cancer, and unfortunately, he died of a stroke in October 2020 at the age of 65.

In the conversation, Steve Lukather revealed his experience of playing with Eddie and said that Eddie always wanted to do weird stuff in the recordings as he mentioned that he was such a humble person.

Steve stated that Eddie always has an ‘adventure’ mentality while playing the guitar and said that he knew what he wanted. Also, he explained why it’s so hard to get a guitar lesson from Eddie.

Here is what Steve Lukather said:

“With Ed, he always showed me love, and I had the deepest respect for him. And there’s no doubt he was one of the greatest of all fucking time. Who could ever dispute that – how he changed everything?

But he was just a humble little guy who just loved to mess with shit and do things different. Like, the worst thing that could have happened to Eddie Van Halen would have been guitar lessons. When it came down to details about equipment and how he liked to do things, he always had an ‘adventure’ mentality. He knew what he wanted. And he wanted really weird shit.

We co-wrote a song for my first solo record. He said, ‘Yeah… I have this riff, I want you to learn it.’ So I got to get inside his head for a minute.

And what he did was he gave me a guitar and he said, ‘Tune it up a whole step and take an A bass string and tune it to B.’ And I go, ‘What? The neck’s gonna bend in half. What the fuck?’ He goes, ‘Trust me.’ I did it and I got a good take out of it, and that’s the record.”

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