Steve Hackett Addresses His Absence From Final Genesis Show

Genesis’ Steve Hackett recently joined an interview with Rock History Music and explained why he didn’t appear at the final Genesis show, although Peter Gabriel was in the audience.

One of the leading figures of progressive rock, Genesis, wrapped up their The Last Domino? Tour with their final three shows in London between March 24-26, 2022, and ended their career of over five decades. While the band’s original singer Peter Gabriel was in the audience for the final show, fans’ eyes also looked for the former guitarist Steve Hackett.

In a recent conversation, the musician was asked why he was absent from the final Genesis show, even though he was a prominent member of the band during the 1970s. Hackett explained that he had scheduled performances while Genesis was delivering their final gigs, and they were sometimes coincidentally performing in the same town on the same night.

Apparently, there was only one night that he could have joined the audience to watch one of Genesis’ farewell shows. However, he had the United States and Canada dates just ahead of him. So, he thought that if he contracted COVID by attending the crowded Genesis shows, he wouldn’t be able to perform at his own gigs.

Thus, the guitarist didn’t want to take that risk and put his audience in danger. Hackett decided not to join the final Genesis shows to ensure the safety of his own upcoming tour. Still, they couldn’t escape postponing their Canadian shows since one of their members recently contracted COVID, which made the guitarist worry about the tour’s expenses.

Steve Hackett’s words on his absence from Genesis’ final London gigs:

“The truth is I had a ton of shows booked, and all the nights when they were working, I was working at the same time. Sometimes we were in the same town the same night. So I couldn’t, and then there was one night which I think was either their last show or close to it. I knew I was about to undertake a two-month tour of the United States and Canada.

I thought if I catch COVID by going along to this show, sitting there in an audience, I’m responsible for everyone else’s night out, people who’ve bought tickets three years ago, and we are only managing to deliver those shows now. As it happens, one of our members caught COVID, and the Canadian gigs had to be sidelined once again, so they are going to happen at the end of the year, and there are extra American dates to support that, the cost of freight goes up.

So, we have to travel a long distance with expenses and make things work out financially. So, with those few days, I’m just looking for a break, even rather than trying to make a profit with that. That’s the idea, not to lose your shirt.”

You can watch the video from the interview below.