JB Smoove Recalls Refusing The Offer To Meet Mick Jagger

Famous actor J.B. Smoove appeared as a guest on a recent episode of the Howard Stern Show. When Stern mentioned the actor’s funny interaction with Mick Jagger during the conversation, Smoove was already laughing, knowing that he’s going to enjoy telling the rest of the story.

“‘I gotta work tomorrow,’ I said,” the comedian recalled when asked about his first reaction to Mick Jagger’s offer to meet him. “How the f*ck do you fly to Ireland in the spur of the moment and say, ‘F*ck my job, f*ck being on set tomorrow. I’m going to Ireland to hang out with Mick Jagger?’”

As the story goes, Jagger was a big fan of the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. So, one day, the frontman invited J.B. Smoove to Ireland to meet and hang out. However, it seems like Smoove was ‘too busy’ to take a spontaneous flight to Ireland. Thus, Mick’s wish to spend time with the actor didn’t come true.

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been airing on HBO since October 2000. J.B. Smoove joined the show in 2007 during the sixth season as Leon Black and became one of the fans’ favorite characters as soon as he entered. It is a comedy show that deals with the little details of everyday life. It achieved critical acclaim, especially with its character writing and the improvisation skills of the actors, and it is obviously one of Jagger’s favorites.