Stephen Pearcy Believes Ratt Members Are ‘Watering Down’ The Band’s Legacy

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt recently had a chat with TotalRock where he revealed how the rocker realized the members tried to take over the band.

The recently released ‘The Atlantic Years’ box set was, apparently, the one way he figured out. He told:

“I’m starting to now assess that this box set’s a big signal, you know, leave it alone. You know, I don’t want to go. But the reason I took a right off the road with just our bass player guy is because it’s just two of us.”

Pearcy, claiming almost nobody knew the other members, said:

“People didn’t even recognize him when we were out, and then we have these three guys which people really don’t know who they were. A couple people might go ‘Oh yeah I know that drummer, he played with so and so.'”

The rocker also mentioned the time he realized Ratt was torn into pieces by the other members. He said:

“But it kind of bothered me, and then everybody had their own little stand trying to take over the band and put out their own Ratt. There was a Ratt without me.”

The singer later named who tried to take Ratt over and mentioned what they didn’t know about the box set:

“And that was Juan [Croucier] trying to be the cheap there, and then you have Bobby [Blotzer]’s who tried it, but I can’t see watering down such a great- the legacy, I can’t water down the legacy of the group anymore and this box set, it is very appropriate, you know, even that, later, that record is appropriately titled and we didn’t even know it.”

Though Pearcy stated that it was Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier who tried to take over, Blotzer blamed Croucier for the band’s breakup. In an earlier interview, he said:

“We brought Juan back into this thing. I didn’t. Stephen and Warren [DeMartini] forced that on me and I told them straight up, ‘You do this. He will break the band up. He will send the band into Camp Chaos.'”

In the same interview, he also mentioned Pearcy and how he was to ‘deal with’. He told:

“Everybody knows generally the history of Ratt and we have the catalog you know, so we should be up on the A shelf. I think the main problem you know and has always been you know, Stephen Pearcy has been impossible to deal with.”

Pearcy has worked with the band from beginning to end and according to him, when it comes to the reunion of the band, he’s not to blame that it didn’t work out.

See the frontman’s interview below.