Slash Reveals He Had No Faith In Guns N’ Roses

Slash recently chatted with Louder Sound and revealed how he had no expectations from Guns N’ Roses and why he had no faith in the act early on in their career.

The guitarist was discussing the makings of 1987’s ‘Appetite For Destruction’ and recalled how nobody wanted to work with them because of their ‘controversial’ reputation. He expressed:

“No one wanted to work with us, we had the worst reputation, we freaked everybody out who met us.”

Then, the act’s former manager Alan Niven entered the picture in 1986, helping the young band score proper studio time and work with pros. Still, even GN’R seemed more professional with Niven’s support; Slash admitted he still had no ‘commercial’ expectations from the band or their album, saying:

“I had no expectations… I never counted how many copies we’d sell. I think we were very confident that we were the coolest f*cking rock’n’roll band. We had that going for us, but I didn’t have any set expectation. I think I’d have been satisfied to have just been a cool cult band that a few people liked.”

Well, it could be more than safe to say that GN’R became more than ‘a cool cult band that a few people liked,’ as Slash’s predictions for the future were a bit underrated. Still, even with all the commercial success they had, the band’s troubles didn’t only consist of ‘professional’ problems, as you can check out why Axl Rose believed Slash sabotaged him.