Slash Recalls What He Thought About Axl Rose After Hearing Him Sing For The First Time


Speaking to Kerrang!, Slash remembered the good old days when Guns N’ Roses were new in the rock scene and talked about his feelings when he first heard Axl Rose’s singing.

Mostly known as the lead guitarist of the band Guns N’ Roses, Slash has achieved international success with his projects with the band. Considered to be one of the greatest guitarists in music history, Slash has released four solo albums and has also worked on several side projects during the time he left Guns N’ Roses, before returning to the band in 2016.

Aside from getting a spot on Time’s ‘The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players,’ Slash was also inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Guns N’ Roses. His guitar solo in Guns N’ Roses’ classic ‘November Rain’ No. 6 on Guitar World’s list of ‘The 100 Greatest Guitar Solos’ in 2008 and his riff in ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ was No. 1 on their list of ‘The 100 Greatest Riffs’ in 2004.

During an interview on Kerrang!, Slash remembered the time he spent with Axl Rose for the first time. He recalled that the first time he heard Axl Rose was on a cassette and described his voice as really intense and high which also had a soulful and bluesy ring to it. Saying that it was rare for that type of voice to hold that melody together so naturally, Slash said Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin were hardcore on the stage when he first saw them live.

He then remembered the first time they jammed together at a rehearsal in Hollywood, saying it was intense, unpredictable, and wild. Slash then added that he realized there was an unquestionable and powerful chemistry between him and the band when they were back on a reunion tour.

Slash has talked about his feelings of hearing Axl Rose singing for the first time during the interview with Kerrang!:

The first time was on a cassette that Izzy Stradlin brought over to my house. There was all this noise and then there’s this really intense high voice over the top of it. My first impression was that it was very soulful. It had a bluesy, melodic thing to it, which was rare for that type of voice.

You didn’t often hear somebody hold that melody together so naturally. Then I went to see him and Izzy play one time. I didn’t actually realize I was going to see the same person that was on that cassette. They were fucking hardcore on stage. Izzy was doing knee slides and Axl was bashing down. It was cool, like, ​Fuck.'”

He then described the energy he felt when they first got in a rehearsal room together:

​”The first time that we jammed together was at a rehearsal place in Hollywood and it was intense. We started working together at that point, we did some shows and it was always very unpredictable and wild. Like, ​Okay, let’s see what happens.’ It was pretty surreal being back on this reunion tour because the first time that Axl, Duff McKagan, and I were back in the same room in person, there was this unquestionable, powerful chemistry that I hadn’t really thought about because it had been 20 years.

I always knew that we had this thing. It just happened as soon as we plugged in and started playing, and it was really like an overwhelming feeling of, ‘Oh yeah…'”

As you may know, Slash celebrated his 56th birthday recently. As for a recent date, in 2018, his solo project named ‘Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators’ released a studio album titled ‘Living The Dream’ which was followed by a tour that began in September 2018 and was concluded in 2019.