Slash Recalls The Time Michael Jackson Left Him In The Studio For Brooke Shields

Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash looked back on the time when he collaborated with legendary musician Michael Jackson during a recent appearance on Couch of Guitars. Apparently, the King of Pop left him in the studio in order to have dinner with famous actress Brooke Shields.

In addition to working with numerous other iconic musicians in his career, Slash also collaborated with no other than Michael Jackson. The duo went down to the Record Plant in Hollywood, where they recorded the debut single of Jackson’s eighth studio album, ‘Dangerous.’

Along with this, the GNR guitarist appeared on ‘Give In To Me‘ and the King of Pop’s last studio album named ‘Invincible‘ which was released on October 30, 2001. As well as recording together, Slash also appeared on Jackson’s live shows including the ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special,’ which was their last show together.

While many would expect MJ to be there with Slash in the studio when recording his part for his music, he actually wasn’t. As Slash himself recently revealed during an interview, the King of Pop decided not to hover and have a good time with his close friend Brooke Shields to whom he referred to as ‘one of the loves of my life.’

After Michael Jackson took off to have dinner with Brooke Shields, Slash was left alone with the producer in the studio where he did his job. He later found out that MJ always had the same working method where he left the musicians alone to work on their duties.

When asked if he was given directions from Michael in the studio, Slash said:

“No, he just left me there. Which was actually really cool. We met at the Record Plant and he was with Brooke Shields. I was sort of freaked out… It’s Michael Jackson and there’s Brooke Shields, and it was sort of a whoa kind of thing.

We met and exchanged niceties and he took off to dinner and left me with the producer and I just did my thing. That was it. That’s sort of what he was always like, just do your thing.”

You can watch the interview down below.