David Lee Roth Finally Reveals Why The Cops Were Trying To Frame Him

Van Halen former frontman who’s now made a name with his visual artwork, David Lee Roth, recently told the story of the spies who were trained to follow him and disclosed why the police were trying so hard to catch him while breaking the law.

As you know, Diamond Dave has been amusing his devoted fans with various stories for the past year. At the beginning of 2020, following the outbreak of the pandemic, Roth started working on his skills as a visual artist and he soon came to realize that it’s a very effective medium of communicating his experiences as a rockstar.

Although the themes that he explored initially were related mostly to social and political matters and the pandemic, he soon started getting requests to tell stories from when he toured with Van Halen. For the past weeks, Diamond Dave has been telling the story of the spies who were ordered to follow him, hoping to catch him in the act.

With his latest tweets, he revealed the reason why the police chief was trying so hard to catch David Lee Roth doing something illegal; to bring in a popular case and cover up his screw-ups. Apparently, the chief’s closest ‘aid’ was caught selling guns online and not much could save the chief’s reputation or make people forget the scandal.

Roth went on to say that Chief Phil ordered his spies to follow him closely because he needed a high-profile case to draw the attention elsewhere and he ended the story by saying that this is precisely why he sent ‘six trained guys’ to visit him.

Here’s what David Lee Roth said in his new sketches:

“Our police chief was ‘2 fisted’ Phil Sanchez.

He had a great ‘Zapata’ mustache (‘Roosvelt’ South of Orange Grove).

Phil called the shots, the Mayor knew it… Folks knew it… and Phil made sure folks stayed up knowing it. While my adventure was unfolding, Phil was experiencing difficulty elsewhere.”

He went on:

His ‘aide’ got popped for selling guns on the internet

‘Your honor, my client had a perfect record; right up until the 108 isolated incidents he was charged with…'”

Ended his story by saying:

“Same time 6 trained guys decided to visit me…”

You can check out his tweets below.