David Lee Roth Says He Survived ‘Three World Tours With The Van Halen Brothers,’ And Nothing Can Scare Him

Van Halen’s former vocalist David Dee Roth, who’s now also known for his post-modern drawings, recently posted a series of new sketches on his Twitter account and continued the story of the spies who kept following him no matter where he went.

As you may recall, some weeks ago, Diamond Dave had started telling the story of the woman intruder and although fans were expecting to hear a hot-goss story, it turned out to be a spy.

Just some days ago, he revealed that there was a time he made the mistake of making fun of some civilian-looking cops who were chilling at the parking lot of a CVS without realizing that there were some spies eavesdropping right behind him.

Yesterday, he continued his spy-related story and explained how they are trained. Apparently, the number one rule is to wear shades and carry a Marlboro pack. At some point, an instructor walked up to Roth multiple times to scare him with his power, but he failed to do so.

In the last sketch, Roth revealed that the reason why nothing, including a cop-spy instructor, can scare him is because he ‘three world tours with the Van Halen Brothers on the same bus’ and apparently, nothing can be scarier than that.

Here’s what Diamond Dave said in his new sketches:

“Every trainee following had clearly been instructed to wear shades and carry Marlboros.

A couple of times (4) the instructor walks up… Palms an unlit cigarette… (like it was a badge), gives me his best ‘scary face’ and slinks away giggling.”

He went on to say:

“Folks, you can’t make this stuff up, the first time I thought he was joking. He thinks he’s scaring the shit out of me


Finally, he said:

I did three world tours with the Van Halen Brothers on the same bus, nothing scares me… but let’s stay focused.”

You can check out his sketches below.