David Lee Roth Finally Shares The Happy Ending Of His Woman-Intruder Story

Van Halen’s former frontman and current post-modern visual artist, David Lee Roth, recently posted a series of new sketches on his Twitter account and disclosed how he dealt with the woman whom he caught secretly breaking and entering his house.

Even though David Lee Roth achieved mainstream fame due to his musical genius and as the frontman of Van Halen, in the past year he has been making it to our headlines with his side projects as lately, Roth has been spending more time creating visual artwork than making music.

Since the beginning of 2020, Roth has been sharing his visual artworks on his Twitter account and he has received thousands of messages from his devoted fans, some of whom encouraged him to exhibit his artworks in a gallery. This seems to have encouraged David Lee Roth who released ‘The Roth Project‘ in late 2020, which he described as a visual and audio story.

Some weeks ago, he’d started telling the story of the woman who broke into his house, and although initially it sounded like an exciting thing, both Roth’s and fans’ dreams were shattered when they found out that she was a police officer.  In his recent sketches, Roth revealed that he confronted her about breaking into his house.

Even though she tried to explain herself, all Roth heard were random song lyrics, as she wasn’t convincing at all. His douche-ray vision made it easier for him to see through her lies. Then he escorted her outside, and as fans thought that the story was over, Diamond Dave finished his sketch by saying ‘If I’m accurate on all this, I’ll be seeing her again.’

Here’s what David Lee Roth said in his first sketch:

“But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s just me.”

He went on to say:

“This is what ‘I’ see…

‘Climb every mountain. The hills are alive. Tomorrow, tomorrow, hey Macarena.’

She doesn’t know I have douce-ray vision. And this is what her explanation sounds like.

I escort her politely out of the house… If I’m accurate on all this, I’ll be seeing her again.”

You can check out Diamond Dave’s post below.