Sharon Osbourne On Having Sex With Ozzy: ”Oh, Do We Have To? Really?’

Sharon Osbourne recently spoke to the Daily Star about her relationship with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. In the interview, she shared that she is not as interested in being intimate with Ozzy as she used to be.

The ex-Black Sabbath member went through a sex addiction treatment during his marriage to Sharon. Commenting on her husband’s addiction problems, the 71-year-old woman said:

“There’s nothing [Ozzy] is not addicted to. I mean, that’s his personality.”

Do They Still Get Physical?

The music manager also explained how she reacted to being asked for sex after 40 years of marriage:

“It’s like: ‘Oh, do we have to? Really?'”

Just three years ago, Sharon openly talked about their active sex life, saying they were intimate ‘twice a week’ during an episode of ‘The Talk.’While discussing women’s libido at older ages, she revealed:

“We all know we oversexed; it’s not secret. He had enough for all… he liked to share. It’s getting less. It used to be three times a day, but it’s much less now. Let’s say a couple of times a week. Which is normal in a long, long relationship.”

Osbourne’s Sex Drive Brought Along Many Affairs

Ozzy’s personal life has been in the news for his affairs with various women, including his hairstylist, two masseuses, a Russian teenager, and a cook. These incidents have been a part of the long-time couple’s marriage history.

In a 2023 interview with Weekend Magazine, Sharon revealed getting used to her husband’s other relationships. The manager explained whether she ignored them by saying:

“Yeah. Especially if somebody is insecure or a narcissist that wants it all [as he was]. I was always like, ‘Wear a condom and never ask names or addresses. You don’t want to know.’ When it gets to something more personal than that, then it’s a problem. Then I’m not going to turn a blind eye.”

You can see Sharon Osbourne’s recent comments, as reported by Daily Mail, here.