David Lee Roth Now Antagonizing Taylor Swift, And It’s Hilarious

David Lee Roth has leaped into the pop realm, sharing a rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit ‘Lavender Haze’ on his official YouTube channel under the title ‘Lavender Forgiveness.’

The version features Roth dancing and laying down his own lyrics to the pop tune. The lyrics of ‘Lavender Forgiveness’ explore DLR’s personal journey, touching on his past indulgences and the quest for redemption. With lines like ‘I took a long trip south on that whiskey train / I took Jesus Christ’s name in vain /I blew a fortune on cocaine / And I caused my own family heartbreak and shame,’ Roth doesn’t shy away from his tumultuous past.

The song continues with a hopeful message of forgiveness, with lines, ‘Forgiveness fall down like rain on a sun-scorched land / Forgiveness rushed in like air to a drowning man / Forgiveness like home from a journey of a thousand miles / Forgiveness like milk and honey to a star of a child.’

Mixed Reactions From Fans

The video has received various responses from the rocker’s fan base, from praise to bemused concern. One of them wrote:

“True entertainer in every way… Not just a rock singer… With a smile that nukes my depression every time… Love you, David.”

Another one said, praising DLR’s version of the song:

“Added this to my playlist, and cruising down the highway listening to this song right now is just awesome.”

One fan also expressed nostalgia for his Van Halen days with a hint of concern for his current artistic direction, writing:

“I love Dave back in the days of Van Halen. But now it looks like he needs a medication adjustment.”

Roth’s embrace of the pop world extends beyond Swift, as evidenced by his Instagram page, where he has tagged many music stars, including Miley Cyrus, Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, and Metallica, among others, under his video.

You can watch the singer’s video below.