Paris Jackson Admits She Was Afraid Of Being Compared To Michael Jackson For A Long Time

In an interview with NPR, Michael Jackson’s daughter and successful musician Paris Jackson talked about her new solo album, ‘Wilted,’ and opened up about how she overcame the fear of being compared to his father in her music career.

The late pop music icon Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has been following her dad’s path and working on her projects as both a successful musician and an activist. Paris and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Glenn formed a band named ‘The Soundflowers.‘ The band released their self-titled album on June 23, 2020, which consisted of five tracks.

Later in 2020, Jackson took a major step in her solo music career, and on October 29, Paris released her first solo track ‘Let Down‘, and then on November 13, she released her first solo album, titled ‘Wilted,’ all of which received critical acclaim. The album was co-written and produced by Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, with additional instrumentation and engineering from his MO bandmate Robert McDowell.

During a recent interview she joined, Paris answered questions about her father’s impact on her music career and admitted that having a worldwide famous father wasn’t as easy as people think it was. Apparently, Paris was afraid of being constantly compared to Michael Jackson and this affected her having trouble defining herself as a musician.

Here’s what Paris Jackson stated about being the daughter of the King of Pop:

“Well, besides the obvious – fearing being compared to my dad – I don’t know. I just – music has always been such a huge part of my life, and it’s always been the air I breathe. Most of my musician friends still love making music, but a handful of musician friends kind of started to see it as a job.

I always felt that if I ever saw it as a job, I would start to resent it. And if I don’t have music, I don’t really feel like I have much. So that was a big fear to accept music as my fate.”

Furthermore, the young musician also explained whether it was difficult to find her own voice considering the broad musical education that her father gave her since she was a little kid. Paris stated that she still isn’t sure if she found her voice or sound since she doesn’t want to stick to a certain type of music in her career. Jackson mentioned that she wants to explore and find out about different layers of music during her long journey of discovery.

Here’s what Paris said about finding her voice and sound:

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I could say that I have found my voice or found my sound because I don’t really plan on sticking to this, like, formula, for example. I mean, like, this album is – because it’s a concept record, all the songs are very uniform, and they all go together.

But, you know, the next projects I work on, I don’t plan on sticking with the same sound. I want to explore. I want to experiment. I want to, you know, check out different layers, different textures. I’m really still on that journey of discovery.”

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