Sharon Osbourne Can’t Get Over The ‘Horrendous’ Accusations She Faced In America

Sharon Osbourne has opened up about the accusations she has been getting over the past years.

In a recently shared snippet from a new interview with Channel 5 News, the former X Factor mentioned that she doesn’t shy away from expressing herself, a stance that has triggered numerous accusations against her. When asked if those accusations still bother or frustrate her, she replied:

“The only one was the last time where I got let go in America. That was pretty horrendous, the things that I was being accused of because I stood up for Piers in America, Piers Morgan. So everybody said, ‘Well, he’s a racist, so must you be.’ I’m just like, ‘No?’ What’s racist got to do with it?”

She touched on the effects of the web and internet when it comes to accusations:

“So you’re just automatically accused and it seems that if you’re accused, the internet is the judge, the jury and the executioner.”

Who Osbourne Turns To During Times Like These

During the same interview, she was asked who she turns to when the ‘world is closing on her,’ and if she really can find a person she actually trusts during times like that, she did not give out a specific name but shared how some people could leave her after being there ‘as a friend’ for her:

“Oh my Lord, yes. Because loads of people who have been in my life a long time, suddenly are on extended holidays. So you know who is your real friend and not.”

The Racism Accusations

In 2021, journalist Yashar Ali released a report claiming that Osbourne had allegedly used derogatory terms such as ‘wonton’ and ‘slanty eyes’ when referring to her former The Talk co-host Julie Chen. The report cited multiple anonymous sources, including another former co-host of The Talk, Leah Remini.

Ali’s report on Tuesday also alleged that Osbourne referred to Sara Gilbert, a former co-host and executive producer who is lesbian, as ‘fish eater’ and ‘p*ssy licker.’ Osbourne’s publicist, Howard Bragman, denied the accusations against the British TV personality.

Osbourne called the claims ‘crap, all crap,’ and added to her words:

“Everyone’s got an opinion or a story like the wonton story. It’s like f*ck off with your f*cking wonton story. F*ck off!”

You can see the snippet here.