Shakira’s Metallica Post Goes Viral On The Internet And Social Media

Pop star Shakira paid her respects to the legendary metal band Metallica by sharing a new post on her official Twitter account.

As you can see in the post, Shakira shared a picture of herself when she was painting her nails and taking a selfie. She was wearing simple makeup on her face, but she was still looking fabulously beautiful.

Furthermore, Shakira wanted to share her weekly routine with her followers and said that she listens to Metallica every Thursday of the week and showed that she is actually a fan of the band.

Also, this wasn’t the only time Shakira showed her passion for metal music, especially for Metallica. About ten years ago, Shakira covered Metallica’s iconic legendary song ‘Nothing Else Matters’ on her show in Paris, France.

Here is what Shakira said:

“On Tuesdays, we listen to Metallica and we paint our nails fluorescent blue.”

You can check out the post and Shakira’s cover below.