Paris Jackson Hints At A New Music Video She’s Currently Filming

Michael Jackson’s daughter and successful musician Paris Jackson posted a picture of herself and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull on Instagram possibly during the shooting of a new music video for one of the songs from her solo album, ‘Wilted.’

As you may know, Paris Jackson has been following the footsteps of her father considering both her music career and her interest in social matters as a devoted activist. After her breakup with Gabriel Glenn, Paris took a major step in her solo music career and released her first solo album earlier in 2020.

On October 29, Jackson released her first solo track ‘Let Down‘ and then on November 13, she released her first solo album titled ‘Wilted’ all of which received critical acclaim. The album was co-written and produced by Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull, with additional instrumentation and engineering from his MO bandmate Robert McDowell.

Recently on Instagram, Paris posted a picture with Andy Hull taken in a place that looks like a studio. In the caption of her post, Jackson mentioned something new is ‘coming soon’ which is considered by the fans as an indication of a new music video for one of the songs in her latest album. As you can see in the picture below, Paris and Andy are standing back to back in front of a completely white background. The young musician’s latest post made her fans excited about the upcoming release of her new music video even more.

Here is what Paris Jackson stated in the caption of her post:

Coming soon 👁”

Additionally, in her previous statements about the album, Paris mentioned that she wanted her fans to feel acknowledged and heard as she focused on the themes of feeling less lonely in time and overcoming challenges, in her case, a breakup.

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