Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones Says He Never Communicated With John Lydon

Former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones recently spoke to NME for an interview and revealed that he and John Lydon never had a conversation outside of their business.

In January 2021, Sex Pistols announced a new biopic series titled ‘Pistol’ like many other well-known rock bands. Danny Boyle directed the series based on Steve Jones’ 2018 memoir ‘Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol.’ The show’s filming began in March 2021, without an official premiere date.

After the announcement, John Lydon refused to license Sex Pistol’s music to appear in the upcoming biopic series ‘Pistol.’ However, Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook legally challenged his veto and sued him. After that, Lydon lost the battle due to a 1998 agreement stating a majority rules basis could determine these decisions.

As a result, John Lydon got pissed off and slammed his bandmates. He called them evil and revealed that his financial struggles worsened after losing the case. Although he claimed not to know anything about the use of songs in the series, Jones and Cooks stated Lydon knew about the biopic and even offered meetings with the director.

In a recent interview with NME, Steve Jones talked about the legal battle between him, Cook, and Lydon. He stated that the court case was pretty stressful, and it was the last thing he wanted to happen. Moreover, Jones revealed he never communicated with Lydon before the case, and they never talked except for business.

Speaking to NME, Steve Jones said the following:

“It was very stressful, that court case. I didn’t want it to happen; it was the last thing I wanted.”

He then continued, revealing how was his relationship with John Lydon before the incident:

I never really communicated with John at all. It was all just business stuff. It was approving stuff here and there, but there was no talking even though we’ve both lived in Los Angeles for years, about the same time as each other. I’ve been here about 36 years, and I think he’s close to that. We just never talk.”

So, although they played together in Sex Pistols for years, and they both lived in Los Angeles for more than three decades, it seems Steve Jones and John Lydon didn’t get along well and communicate with each other.