Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Is In Trouble With An Obsessive Stalker

Johnny Rotten recently had to notify law enforcement amid an obsessive stalker who called him up on his phone and came to his house. Law enforcement told TMZ that the Sex Pistols singer told L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies that a fan had started harassing him last month by dropping letters in his mailbox.

Rotten also said the woman did not stop her suspicious behavior by just leaving letters in the mailbox. Instead, her actions quickly escalated as she started to trespass onto his Los Angeles-area property and strolled around his backyard. The singer even told the officers he came face-to-face with his stalker and told her to get out.

Shortly after he encountered his stalker, Johnny also claimed he started getting phone calls from her. This was also when he decided to file a stalking report with the sheriff’s department and start an investigation.

Johnny isn’t the only celebrity to have a stalker break into his house. Axl Rose and Justin Timberlake had the same stalker, a woman named Karen McNeil, who tried to break into their properties. She was suffering from Erotomania, a mental health issue that caused her to believe she was in love with the musicians.

In the late 90s, when Karen broke into the Axl’a house, People reported that she was sentenced to a year in prison. Her sentencing read:

“A woman accused of stalking Axl Rose and who violated a 1997 court order to stay away from the Guns N’ Roses singer has been sentenced to jail for a year by a Malibu judge. Karen McNeil, a 39-year-old Ohio resident, tried to enter Rose’s Malibu home on May 16, according to court testimony. She has faced the same charge twice before and had been ordered to stay at least 300 yards away from Rose.”

After she was released from prison, her next obsession was Timberlake, as she tried to break into his house just as she tried it with Axl Rose before she was sentenced. Timberlake also took it to court, and the judge ruled a three-year restraining order against Karen McNeil. However, Karen didn’t accept the accusations against her as she insisted that she was let on Justin’s property.

You can read the TMZ article here.