Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Fires Back, ‘I Won’t Let The Bastards Grind Me Down’

The making of Public Image Ltd’s upcoming album, ‘End of World,’ started in 2019 and coincided with vocalist John Lydon’s legal battle with his former Sex Pistols bandmates over the band’s songs. So, while talking about the record in a recent interview with The Guardian, the singer mentioned what he went through during the lawsuit by saying:

“It was pressure, on pressure, on pressure. You never really get a chance to sort yourself out before some new inflammation turns up, like a boil on the bum! But with my irrepressible nature, I won’t let the bastards grind me down.”

While working on ‘End of World,’ Lydon was also dealing with his wife’s health problems. She had been battling Alzheimer’s disease since 2018 and passed away this April, a few months before the album’s release. When asked about his life after his wife’s death during the recent chat, the vocalist said:

“It hurts so deeply. It’s hard to get to grips with, but I don’t want to let her down. That’s not healthy for me, or her, or her memories. So, I am gonna try and throw myself into working – as far as I could throw myself, considering my weight.”

Then, he added:

“It’s an uphill climb, but I’ve got to get there. I’ve got to find myself again because, in all of this, you can’t end up losing yourself.”

Paying tribute to Lydon’s wife, Nora, PiL released the song ‘Hawaii‘ as the lead single from the upcoming record in early 2023.

Once the full album is out, the singer will go on a fall tour with the band in the UK and other European countries. The tour will kick off in September in Sheffield.