The Eagles’ Vince Gill Was Intimidated By Eric Clapton And Johnny Cash

Vince Gill has collaborated with Paul Franklin on a Ray Price tribute album called ‘Sweet Memories: The Music of Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys,’ and he recently shared with American Songwriter that he was hesitant about covering one song in particular for the album. He said:

“I was apprehensive about doing ‘Danny Boy.'”

When Paul and Vince were putting together a track list for ‘Sweet Memories’, they weren’t sure if it would be a great idea to cover a song like ‘Danny Boy’ performed by many musicians, including Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, and Elvis Presley.

So, suggesting he was intimidated by being compared to figures such as Cash, Clapton or Presley, Gill shared his doubts about the cover and said:

“There’s an element of risk when you’re doing something somebody else has done. You run the risk of them using that comparison of the original.”

Vince also told U Discover Music that he and Paul wanted to put their spin on the track just like Ray’s cover of ‘Night Life.’ He explained:

“This was a daunting and challenging choice, and we had to consider if it was the right one. It’s the one song on this whole collection that I would have been most skeptical about because it is so iconic. Paul and I decided that it could be incredibly beautiful if done the right way, for example, if it was treated like Ray’s version of ‘Night Life,’ so we decided to make the steel guitar predominant like it is in that particular song.”

You can read Vince Gill’s interview with American Songwriter here and listen to Vince Gill and Paul Franklin’s and Ray Price’s cover of ‘Danny Boy’ below.