Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Explains Why He’s Fearing For His Life

Johnny Rotten had recently had to file a police report amid an obsessive stalker, a woman in her 50s who claimed to be his daughter, came to his backyard. The singer recently spoke to Uncut and shared how he’s been handling the situation by explaining:

“At the moment I’m struggling with a stalker who is letting herself in my yard at night, running around claiming that she’s my daughter. And she’s in her 50s. It’s the uncaring selfishness of it that is really upsetting.”

He also added how his life could be in ‘serious’ danger:

“I’ve had stalkers in the past but this one is becoming just too irrational and has the potential for something much more serious, so I’ve had to report it. I don’t like to get people into trouble but it’s causing me stress. It’s making me a bag of nerves.”

After Lydon had filed a police report, law enforcement had told TMZ that the Sex Pistols singer expressed to the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies that the harassing started with letters in his mailbox. From that, it escalated to phone calls and ultimately, the stalker letting herself into John’s private property.

However, when talking about the new forthcoming Public Image Limited album, ‘End of World,’ the singer shared the meaning behind the fifth track on the album, ‘Walls.’ He expressed the significance of the lyrics to his current situation by saying:

“We all need barriers. We need some degree of separation from others, if only just for a sense of security.”

Even though ‘Walls’ has not been released yet, the band has dropped three single’s titled ‘Car Chase,’ ‘Penge,’ and ‘Hawaii’ which you can listen to below until ‘End of World,’ is released this coming week on August 11th.

You can read John Lydon’s interview Uncut here.