Sepultura Postpones 2021 North America Tour

The official Instagram page of Sepultura shared a post announcing the heartbreaking news to their fans by revealing that their 2021 North American Tour Dates are postponed once again to an unknown time, however, the band stated that updated dates will be announced soon.

As many of you know, Sepultura released their fifteenth studio album, ‘Quadra’ on February 7, 2020, which consisted of 12 songs. The album was based on numerology, the number four, and its significance as depicted on Quadrivium which makes it a concept album.

Since the album is the band’s most successful record since 1998’s seventh studio album ‘Against,’ fans have been dying to see Sepultura perform, therefore the band originally planned a North American Tour, starting out in the spring of 2020.

However, just like every other musician and band, Sepultura had to postpone the tour dates in July 2020 due to the restrictions and precautions against the coronavirus pandemic and announced that they have brand new tour dates starting on March 6, 2021, at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California, and stay on the road until April 10, 2021, at UC Theatre in Berkeley, California.

While their fans were thrilled to have a tour in 2021, Sepultura shared another post on their official Instagram page announcing once again that their Quadra’s North American Tour is postponed to an unknown date. Despite the fans are disappointed by the decision, they are still happy that it’s not canceled and the tour dates will be released soon.

Here is what Sepultura said:

“Sepulnation, unfortunately, we need to postpone Quadra’s North American tour. New dates will be announced soon, stay tuned!”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.