Mark Tremonti Addresses The Hardest Part Of Emulating Frank Sinatra

Alter Bridge singer Mark Tremonti recently commented upon the challenges in recording a Frank Sinatra cover album during an interview with Spin Magazine.

Creed and Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti faced some hardships when his daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome. He went through a period where he had to understand and inform himself about the condition and took steps to support organizations regarding Down syndrome.

After this period in his life, Mark Tremonti decided to cover an album including his new passion, Frank Sinatra. The musician admired the iconic singer in his cover album, ‘Tremonti Sings Sinatra.’ Frank Sinatra was a worldwide icon that mesmerized the world with his raw voice and gentlemanly manners. His musical and personal influence reached the 21st century even after 24 years since his death.

Rock and roll world also appreciates his music and one of the most significant examples of that is Mark Tremonti. He recently spoke about Sinatra and why he decided to cover his songs. He said that his voice was his instrument and never sang the same way twice. This method was challenging for the singer to learn, but he did, and he is delighted to have sung it for his daughter as Sinatra did.

Here is what he stated about covering the song:

“His phrasing. He never sang a song the same way twice. He approached vocals almost like a trombone player would approach his instrument. It seems like Sinatra was trying to show that his voice was an ever-evolving instrument.

Both the band and I had trouble with ‘Nancy with the Laughing Face’ because it’s packed with so much, and the tempo changes so drastically throughout the song. I’m glad we did it, though. That was Frank Sinatra singing to his first daughter, and now it’s me singing to Stella, so it’s very important.”

You can listen to Mark Tremonti’s cover album below.