Sebastian Bach Stays Away From An Argument About Nikki Sixx And Mötley Crüe


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to a fan’s comment on the recently revealed performance of Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil which received a major backlash and stated that he’s no longer allowed to be a fan of the band let alone joining it as a permanent member.

As some of you might recall, the whole beef between Sebastian Bach and Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx started back in 2013 when Bach shared a post on his official Twitter page alleging that he was asked to replace lead singer Vince Neil, moreover, rehearsed with Mötley Crüe during that time. Sixx, on the other hand, denied his claims pretty rapidly and stated that he wasn’t offered such a replacement and continuously shared posts on his Twitter page implying that Bach is seeking attention.

After being called a liar by one of his childhood heroes, Sebastian Bach kindly stated that Nikki Sixx most likely doesn’t remember asking him to join the band in the middle of all the partying, drinking, and of course heroin. Moreover, Bach gave the exact details of how he joined Mötley Crüe for rehearsals and was asked by Sixx himself in front of other members to join the band and stated that the whole story will be revealed in his upcoming book.

While fans didn’t know who to believe in, Sebastian Bach came down with the evidence and shared a video on his official Facebook page in which Mötley Crüe bassist clearly admits rehearsing and hanging out with the Skid Row vocalist which could’ve been considered as proof since Sixx stated in the video that they rehearsed with Bach while Vince Neil was unavailable, however, he didn’t confess to asking Bach to join the band as a member.

While the fans were divided into two, both sides preferred to stay silent for about a year until Nikki Sixx decided to pick on Sebastian Bach for using the term ‘former Skid Row singer’ during his radio show ‘Sixx Sense.’ Mötley Crüe bassist stated that he has to let go of using the fame of his former band whom Bach left years back in 1996.

Despite Sebastian Bach kept his silence about this matter and both sides ignored each other for the past seven years, the Skid Row icon broke his silence with a recent post on his official Twitter page. After seeing a fan’s suggestion that Nikki Sixx should try to convince Bach to join the band after the highly criticized performance of Vince Neil. As a reaction, the legendary artists stated that he’s not allowed to be a fan of Mötley Crüe after what has happened years ago, and didn’t say anything further or hurtful about the Mötley Crüe vocalist’s performance.

Here is what the fan said:

“Boy, after seeing that awful new Vince Neil video, I think Nikki Sixx would be a damn fool not to try to get you to join the Crüe.

Here is how Bach replied:

“Last time I checked I wasn’t allowed to be a fan of that band anymore.”

However, Sebastian Bach did delete his tweet afterward and despite the fans don’t know the reason why since there wasn’t anything wrong with his statement other than reproaching the Mötley Crüe members once considered to be his hero. While fans will never know why he chose to erase his statement, it was quite clear that he regretted saying anything related to the band and wanted to stay clear from further discussions.

You can see the deleted Twitter post below.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Bach – Twitter