Sebastian Bach Says Tommy Lee Wanted To Kick His Ass

Sebastian Bach recently joined Radioactive Mike Z for an interview during which he recalled the time Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee wanted to kick his butt.

In 1989, the Moscow Music Peace Festival, a one-time gathering of prominent metal music bands for a performance in Moscow, took place between 12 and 13 August. The festival aimed to promote world peace and to cooperate in fighting the drug war in Russia.

The festival would also mark the first time Mötley Crüe would do a show sober. However, Tommy Lee drank a bottle of vodka Bach had been drinking and punched their manager Doc McGhee in the face following a dispute. From that point on, the festival turned into a disaster.

During his conversation on Radioactive with Mike Z, the host asked Sebastian Bach to share his thoughts on what happened at that festival back then. Bach stated that Mötley Crüe was supposed to be sober that day, but Tommy Lee was drinking with him. Bach then admitted that he bragged about drinking with Tommy Lee to everyone.

After discovering that Sebastian has exposed him, Tommy Lee wanted to kick his ass. Bach then stated he was a big Mötley Crüe fan, and he could not stop himself from bragging about drinking with Tommy Lee. Following that, Bach laughingly said he is sorry about doing that.

Speaking about the Moscow Music Peace Festival, Sebastian Bach told Radioactive Mike Z that:

“The thought that immediately comes to my mind is that Mötley Crüe was supposed to be sober, and right over there, Tommy Lee was hitting a bottle of Jack with me. That was wild. I was bragging about it to everybody.

Then Tommy Lee wanted to kick my ass because I was like blowing his cover. But I was such a Mötley Crüe fan; how could I not brag about doing shots with Tommy Lee? I mean, I was such a fan, there was no way I couldn’t brag about that. Sorry Tommy, sorry about that.”

The Moscow Music Peace Festival was put together by the Make A Difference Foundation and its founder Doc McGhee. The proceeds went to Make A Difference, but most of the musicians performing at the festival were drinking alcohol or using drugs at that time. Considering Mötley Crüe was trying to stay sober at that time, it doesn’t sound surprising that Tommy Lee reacted that way.