Sebastian Bach Gives A Bold Response To Ted Nugent Reunion Rumors

In a new chat with The Aquarian, Sebastian Bach spoke about reuniting with Ted Nugent.

When the interviewer asked if there would be a Damnocracy reunion because of all the rumors, the singer responded by saying:

“Ha! I don’t think me and Ted [Nugent] could be in a band anymore… and I think that’s an understatement right there!”

Damnocracy Has Unreleased Music

In 2006, Bach was on a VH1 reality show called ‘Supergroup.’ He, Nugent, Scott Ian, Jason Bonham, and Evan Seinfeld tried to make a heavy metal supergroup. They lived together in Las Vegas for twelve days while filming the seven episodes. Bach suggested the names ‘Fist’ and ‘Damnocracy’ for the band, but they never released any music. When asked if there were any Damnocracy recordings to release during a 2019 Q&A session, Bach responded

“That session exists on my laptop. Ted Nugent didn’t wanna make that a real thing. He’s got way too many animals to kill. On top of his list are squirrels, rabbits, birds. Get ’em all. That’s important. You can’t go buy one at the store; you’ve gotta kill your own. I’m not against that, but… you know. I remember when he focused on the music more than that. That was the Ted I listened to.”

The Feud Between Nugent And Bach

Damnocracy broke up in 2010. During those times, a feud between Bach and Nugent started. During the show, Nugent criticized Bach’s drinking, and Bach later implied Nugent was racist. In 2021, Sebastian criticized Ted for avoiding military service, and Nugent responded by saying Bach made nasty comments without asking if they were true.

Later, in a 2022 interview with The Real Music Observer, Nugent couldn’t even remember Bach’s name at first and then said:

“Sebastian Bach has just constantly made nasty comments about me, and if I thought something nasty about Sebastian Bach, I wouldn’t say anything until I called him and asked him if these allegations were true. Again, I’m going to repeat what I said earlier: ‘The worst thing you can do as a human being is to falsely accuse.'”

In June 2006, Damnocracy put rough demo versions of three songs, ‘Take It Back, ‘UltrAlive,’ and ‘Edge Of The World’ on their MySpace page.