Phil Lewis Recalls L.A. Guns’ Unfair Fight With Guns N’ Roses

Phil Lewis recently chatted with Metal Edge, discussing how their competition with Guns N’ Roses felt unfair while the two bands ran in the L.A. rock scene together.

With L.A. Guns having released their latest LP, ‘Black Diamonds,’ only a month ago, the guitarist was quite excited about the band’s recent pieces while also revisiting some of their old materials and explaining why the band never got the chance to prove themselves properly.

So, when the host asked what set Lewis and his bandmates apart from their contemporaries, the rocker reasoned how although they were a ‘f*cking good band,’ L.A. Guns couldn’t reach out to major audiences because Guns N’ Roses caused major troubles.

The guitarist explained:

“That’s [L.A. Guns’ distinctive features from other bands] a subject in and of itself. Our problem was that we were a complete band through and through. And we were a f*cking good band, too. Unfortunately, we were competing against a phenomenon called Guns N’ Roses.

So, it was great to be a part of a f*cking rocking band, but I’m sure you’d agree that there is a difference between a million and a billion, right?

So, you had Guns N’ Roses exploding before we even got going, where they’re on tour with Aerosmith or Metallica. So, that left us as true contemporaries of bands like Jetboy and Faster Pussycat.”

Phil believed L.A. Guns never got the attention it deserved because of GN’R since the band monopolized the scene and scored prestigious gigs while playing with other well-known rock heroes, creating an unfair fight. However, even with all the fame and fortune, there were times when Axl Rose felt insecure, as you can check out the time how one particular GN’R song made the frontman insecure.