Sebastian Bach Announces His New Solo Album Which Features John 5, Orianthi, And Steve Stevens

Former Skid Row frontman and successful solo artist, Sebastian Bach posted a picture of the new demos on Instagram on which he has been working for a while along with various musicians, including Orianthi, John 5, and Steve Stevens, and gave an update on the current status of his upcoming album.

As you might recall, Sebastian Bach earned worldwide popularity while he was the frontman of the heavy metal band Skid Row between the years of 1987 and 1996. According to the unofficial statements about Bach’s leaving the band, a rift between him and his bandmates at the time eventually caused his leaving Skid Row.

Following his departure from Skid Row, Sebastian Bach has involved in various other projects, including his band, The Last Hard Men, several Broadway productions, and a supergroup with Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Jason Bonham, and Evan Seinfield. Back in 2014, Bach released his fifth solo recording titled ‘Give ‘Em Hell.’ The album also featured his collaborations with John 5, Duff McKagan, and Steve Stevens.

Recently on Instagram, Sebastian Bach posted a picture of the demo CDs of the songs he has been working on for some time now. In the caption of his post, Bach has given the good news about his new album and revealed that there are 14 brand new songs ready to make an album from. He stated that a stack of the demos has been already sent out to his record label, management, and producers.

Bach also mentioned that he collaborated with John 5, Orianthi, Steve Stevens, and many more talented musicians to create his new album. In the caption, Sebastian thanked for all the efforts and support of his fellow musicians and suggested that all of these collaborations will turn into the ‘greatest album of all time.’

Here is what Sebastian Bach stated in the caption of his post:

“*New Music Update*! Well, it’s an exciting day! 2020 was completely miserable & now that all of that is over with, being off the road for a year has allowed us more than enough time to tinker around in the studio and somehow here we are it’s 2021 & there are 14 brand new songs to make an album from!! Right here on this demo CD! A stack of these was sent out yesterday to my new record label, management, and producers because it’s time to make a new album now!

Thank you so much John 5, Orianthi, Steve Stevens, Devin Bronson, Brent Woods, Bobby Jarzombek, Andy Sanesi, Jeremy Colson, Kevin Chown, Robbie Crane, Eli Santana, and everybody that I’m forgetting to mention here 🙏 I really appreciate all of your collaborations time to turn this Into the greatest album of all time what do you say! Or at least that is what we will aim for!! 📀💿”

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