Sean Ono Lennon Slams Mark Zuckerberg

Sean Ono Lennon recently took to Twitter to sharply criticize Mark Zuckerberg’s effectiveness as Meta’s CEO and public spokesperson, highlighting his poor communication skills and leadership.

The musician’s initial tweet set the tone for his criticism, as he said:

“I have asked it before, and I will ask it again, why in the world does Meta allow Zuck to be the face of the company? He simply fails on every single metric for what a good public speaker should be. Once again, he has proven himself to be absolutely inept. I think 90% of the population of Earth would have done a better job than he just did. Wow. He’s a moron.”

A Critique Of Communication Abilities

This post was followed by another tweet comparing Zuckerberg’s oratory skills unfavorably with those of former President Donald Trump, writing:

“He is such a terrible orator that he makes Trump sound like Cicero.”

The Senate Hearing Backdrop

Lennon’s comments were in response to a recent Senate hearing where Zuckerberg, along with other social media executives, faced rigorous questioning regarding the impact of their platforms on young people’s mental health. The hearing, marked by bipartisan concern, saw Mark apologize to parents for the harm social media has caused their children. He stated:

“It’s terrible. No one should have to go through the things that your families have suffered. And this is why we invest so much and are going to continue doing industry-leading efforts to make sure that no one has to go through the things your families have had to suffer.”

Intense Scrutiny And Questioning

Despite his apology and assurance of Meta’s commitment to safety, the proceedings highlighted the ongoing challenges and criticisms facing social media giants. During the hearing, Zuckerberg and his peers were criticized for their platforms’ role in exposing children to exploitation, abuse, and mental health risks.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin pointed out the inherent dangers posed by social media, attributing them to the prioritization of profit and engagement over safety. In one of the hearing’s moments, Zuckerberg was asked directly by Senator Josh Hawley if he had personally compensated any victims of social media-related harm, to which Mark replied negatively.

You can see Sean’s tweets below.