Sean Ono Lennon Berates Elon Musk For Lack Of Business Acumen

Sean Ono Lennon recently criticized Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter to X on the app itself. The singer explained why he thought it wasn’t a good business move by tweeting:

“Losing the Twitter brand name seems like a really bad idea to me. That kind of ubiquitous global household recognition is priceless. X already has a lot of baggage in terms of associations. From X Games to Xbox to X rated…Twitter grew organically, and abandoning that logo/name seems wrong from a business perspective.”

Some users defended the change, saying that the former name was old-fashioned. Answering those claims, Ono Lennon went on:

“A lot of people saying, ‘But I never liked the Twitter brand name.’ I never ‘like’ brand names. I’m talking about success. It is objectively a household company name. Even the verb ‘to tweet’ now means this app. That’s priceless. Ask Xerox or Kleenex.”

Musk’s other decisions about Twitter received criticism from different names in the industry, as well. For example, when he announced that users could read only a limited number of tweets each day, Alex Skolnick resembled the app’s state to a sinking ship and said:

“Serious question: In the corporate world, is there an equivalent of the 25th Amendment? A framework that can be invoked by investors, shareholders, etc., when the commander of the ship has become more mad than Captain Ahab? Asking for many friends. R.I.P. Twitter.”

You can see Sean Ono Lennon and Alex Skolnick’s tweets below.