Sebastian Bach Slams Elon Musk For A Major Fault On Twitter

Sebastian Bach recently shared that he’d discovered a significant fault in Twitter’s operating systems. So, the rocker decided to have a go at Elon Musk, tweeting him about the problem and slamming the CEO harshly while doing so.

Bach was trying to follow some fans who’d booked him for a show when the app gave him a pop-up, signaling that he’d reached his following limit. So, the singer wasn’t allowed to follow any more people. This pissed him off, and the rocker decided to call out Twitter in a series of tweets.

Well, the former Skid Row frontman started by tagging Twitter and discussing that the app wouldn’t allow him to follow an account that booked him when he tried to do so. Then, Bach pointed out that he had almost half a million followers, so the fact that he couldn’t follow any more people was nonsense as he called out who’d come up with this ‘great’ feature.

The vocalist then tagged Elon Musk in a second tweet, inviting the CEO to fix the problem. He then sarcastically wondered where he could possibly be and answered his question by joking that Musk was probably at some stage getting booed. In his third and last tweet, the rocker proceeded to slam Twitter as he thanked his fans for booking him and apologized since he couldn’t follow them due to Twitter’s fault.

The frontman’s initial criticism against Twitter:

“Hey, Twitter, what in the actual f*ck? I get booked for a show by this account, and I go to follow them, and I’m not allowed to follow anybody else on Twitter. Is this supposed to be a good feature? I have almost half a million followers, and I can’t follow more than 1600?”

He continued, addressing Elon Musk this time:

“Hey, Elon Musk, Twitter, and Twitter Music. Please explain why I am not allowed to follow any more accounts on Twitter, or are you too busy getting booed off a stage somewhere?”

The singer posted another tweet to thank his fans:

“Thank you very much to all of you who booked this concert. I went to follow all of you on Twitter, but I am not allowed to follow anybody else on Twitter anymore. Great feature.”

The musician wasn’t forgiving when he realized he couldn’t follow back his fans. So, he decided to take out his anger on Twitter and Elon Musk as he tried to get their attention to make an explanation for this ‘great’ feature. Well, we don’t know if the website will take a step to fix this problem or feature, but it is evident that Bach is no fan.