Sean Dowdell Reacts To The Claims About Making Money Over Chester Bennington’s Death

Grey Daze’s Sean Dowdell recently joined Revolver’s Fan First for an interview and responded to the accusations claiming he is trying to benefit from Chester Bennington‘s passing.

At the beginning of his music career, Chester Bennington began working with the band Sean Dowdell And His Friends?. After recording an album together in 1993, Bennington and Dowdell formed the band Grey Daze. Together, they recorded two albums titled ‘Wake Me’ and ‘…No Sun Today.’

After Bennington’s passing on July 20, 2017, his former Dead By Sunrise and Grey Daze bandmates came together to perform in memory of the rock icon. On June 26, 2020, Grey Daze also released an album titled ‘Amends,’ which features Bennington’s vocals from the 1990s.

In April, Grey Daze announced a follow-up to their ‘Amends,’ titled ‘The Phoenix.’ Dave Navarro, Richard Patrick, and Bennington’s lovely daughters Lily and Lila made contributions to the album. ‘The Phoenix’ will come out on June 17, and Grey Daze released the song ‘Saturation (Strange Love)’ as the album’s single.

Speaking to Revolver’s Fan First, Sean Dowdell said that Bennington’s widow Talinda, his parents, and even his ex-wife gave their blessing for this album. He then stated their only intent was to finish this album, and they planned to put the record on their own.

However, Dowdell argued that some claimed he was trying to milk Bennington’s death. According to the musician, he spent a remarkable amount of money on this record, and this album is solely for honoring Bennington and appreciating him in a different context.

During the conversation, Sean Dowdell said the following:

“Chester’s widow Talinda gave me her blessing to finish the music. At the time, I was going to pay for it. And we were going to put it on our own; no delusions of record deals or any bullsh*t like that. It was just that we just wanted to finish it, you know. And she’s like, ‘I support you, 100%, you’re his best friend, you should do what he intended to do, go ahead and finish it. I support it 100%.'”

He then continued:

“Then I call his mom, and I call his dad. Everybody was on board. I talked to Samantha Olit, his ex-wife, and everybody was on board. Because they understood the intent was right. The intent was to finish this music. We all thought the music was good. And they all knew that Chester was really into making this happen. This wasn’t me picking it up after he passed away.

And some jerks on the internet shouted, ‘Oh, he was trying to milk his death.’ Like, you guys are idiots. Man, you don’t even understand that I’ve spent twice as much money on these records than I’m ever going to make. And I was quite wealthy before. This is about honoring our friend and getting this music out to where people can hear and appreciate Chester in a different context.”

You can watch the interview below.