Lzzy Hale Gives An Update After Halestorm’s Tour Bus Burned Down

Halestorm lead vocalist Lzzy Hale shared her thoughts and feelings about their recent accident on the band’s official Instagram account as their bus burned down during their tour with Evanescence.

Previously Halestorm announced that they would start their new tour with Evanescence as the co-headliner in November 2021, and it was supposed to end in December. However, the two bands decided to continue their tour this year which made their fans very happy as many couldn’t attend the shows due to the ongoing global pandemic. However, the pandemic isn’t the only problem now.

Halestorm members were in their hotel and resting before their concert on January 20, 2022, in Worcester, but they jumped out of bed at 3 am after discovering that their tour bus had burned down. Thankfully none of the band’s members were on the bus during the accident, which could turn into a tragic disaster. Then, the Worcester fire department arrived and put out the fire before it spread, but the reason behind the fire is still unknown.

Also, Lzzy Hale stated that both she and her brother and bandmate Arejay Hale generally prefer to sleep in the bus instead of hotels; however, they had decided to stay in their hotel for that night. The singer talked about the incident saying that she is very close to a mental breakdown. In addition, Hale shared her gratefulness for their security Steve Barbola who got on the bus to check if there was someone in there and rescued her 1991 Les Paul Custom.

Halestorm’s IG post read:

“Old Halestorm had a night for the books. We were all in our hotel rooms last night and we woke up to our bus burning down at 3 am.
Fun fun. No one was hurt. The Worcester fire department got there and put the fire out. They were amazing.

Our fearless security Steve pulled guitars and luggage out of the bay. We all lost some stuff, but it was just stuff. The investigator doesn’t know what started it, but it began in the bunk hall. What matters is that no one was hurt. The best part is that tonight, we will rock. Looking forward to playing some music and forgetting about things being on fire. See you tonight, Worcester!”

Lzzy Hale added:

“I’ve hanging somewhere in between hysterical laughter and bursting into tears all day. Our bus caught fire last night around 3 am. Nobody was hurt. But the what-ifs are real. Both my little brother Arejay Hale and I are notorious bus sleepers, almost always choosing the bus over hotel rooms. We have both sworn off this as of today, of course.

I’m so grateful to the Worcester fire dept. They are rockstars! A huge thank you to our wonderful security guy Steve Barbola who braved the flames to make sure none of us were on board (he also rescued my 1991 Les Paul Custom). Tonight we will be savoring every moment on stage like never before. The universe hasn’t found a way to get rid of us yet!”

You can check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Halestorm – Instagram